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Exness Fees
  • Don't worry about charges for withdrawals
    We cover the costs of your third-party transaction fees, saving you from the expense.
  • Catering to the needs of every trader type
    Select the option that optimizes your gains while minimizing expenses.
  • Bid farewell to swap fees
    We have removed swap fees for the majority of our instruments, encompassing majors, stocks, crypto, indices, and gold.

Regular Account Category

The company employs a customized approach for its clients, providing a range of trading conditions that traders can select based on their own knowledge and experience.

As an illustration, the Standard account category, tailored for beginners, entails no extra commissions for trading activities. This category comprises two account types:

Exness Standard

Highly favored. An excellent account suitable for a diverse range of traders.

Exness Standard Cent

Ideal for novices. Acquire trading skills with micro-lots.
No fees are charged for trading on these two accounts.

Expert Account Category

The second set of accounts caters to traders with greater experience. This category of accounts comprises:

Exness Raw Spread

A commission of up to $3.50 is applied for each side per lot.

Exness Zero

There are no account fees starting from $0.1 per side per lot.

Exness Pro

Trading operations incur no commission, and the spread commences at 0.1.
Here, a varied approach to the assessment of commissions for executing trading operations is employed.

Therefore, the Exness Brokerage now presents the most competitive terms in the market for all customer segments. Each trader has the flexibility to select the most fitting conditions among various account types.